Tox Info Suisse celebrates its 50 years anniversary with a symposium on 11 November 2016

The topic is "Clinical toxicology through the ages" which leads through old and new themes in the field, being highlighted by national and international speakers ...

SCAHT groups join Horizon 2020 project on nanosafety

NanoREG II is a large EU Horizon 2020 project concerned with the development and implementation of grouping and Safe-by-Design approaches within regulatory frameworks ...

SCAHT-Forschungsgruppenleiter, Prof. Luigi Terracciano, erhält angesehenen Preis

Für ihre Arbeiten zur Erforschung von Leberkrebs erhalten die beiden Basler Mediziner Prof. Markus Heim und Prof. Luigi Terracciano den diesjährigen Dora-Seif-Preis für Krebsforschung ...


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