Education & Training

SCAHT’s education and training programme is designed to meet the diverse needs of academia, regulatory agencies and industry. The Centre contributes to graduate and postgraduate education leading to recognised qualifications and continual professional development (CPD) developing knowledge, skills and practical experience. The education programmes offer a range of specialised full and part-time studies, to individual modules in post-graduate learning for regulatory scientists and toxicologists (compatible with the requirements of EUROTOX). SCAHT affiliates include the Universities of Basel, Lausanne & Geneva, Faculties of Medicine and Schools of Pharmaceutical Sciences and two Technical Universities (HES).

The Centre and its affiliates offer programmes and modules in toxicology and regulatory sciences:

SCAHT collaborates with the Centre of Competence in Chemical & Toxicological Analytics (ccCTA) and the teaching platform of the European Centre of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM).