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Steroid profiles in both blood serum and seminal plasma are not correlated and do not reflect sperm quality: Study on the male reproductive health of fifty young Swiss men [Epub ahead of print]

Clinical Biochemistry

Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome and Long-Lasting Epigenetic Silencing of Mouse Sperm Genes Involved in the Reproductive System after Prenatal Exposure to DEHP

PLoS One

Evaluation of steroidomics by liquid chromatography hyphenated to mass spectrometry as a powerful analytical strategy for measuring human steroid perturbations

Journal of Chromatography

Prenatal Exposure to DEHP Affects Spermatogenesis and Sperm DNA Methylation in a Strain-Dependent Manner

Prados J
Somm E
Stouder C
Dayer A
PLoS One

Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance of Reproductive Disease

Transgenerational Epigenetics. Edited by Trygve Tollefsbol. Elsevier.

Establishment of rodent and human in vitro systems for the investigation of testicular toxicity

Gastaldello A
Escoffier J
Kustermann S
Clemann N
Toxicology Letters

Epigenetics and transmission

Revue Médicale Suisse

Epigenetic effects of methoxychlor and vinclozolin on male gametes

Vitamins and Hormones

EasyProt--an easy-to-use graphical platform for proteomics data analysis.

Gluck F
Hoogland C
Robin X
Nikitin F
Zufferey A
Pasquarello C
Fétaud V
Dayon L
Müller M
Lisacek F
Geiser L
Sanchez JC
Journal of Proteomics

Effect of developmental dioxin exposure on methylation and expression of specific imprinted genes in mice

Somm E
Stouder C
Reproductive Toxicology